Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Solstice 2014

Summer Solstice, also known as Litha and Midsummer. 

This Summer Solstice Sabbat represents the longest day of the year. Celebrate the Sun, Light, Growth on the longest day of the year. A time when the sun is at its closest to the Earth, and as the wheel turns, the Sun slowly moves further away until Yule in Winter. A day to celebrate the power of the sun.

Modern pagans often celebrate Summer Solstice by spending time outside, having a bonfire or even a bbq! Historically, Bonfires were lit on the eve of summer solstice, they called this ritual 'setting the watch' to keep negative energies away from their homes and villages. They sang, danced, feasted and told stories. The most fabulous of celebrations!

Keep some of the ashes from your bonfire as a talisman to protect you from misfortune. 

Summer Solstice is a fabulous time to freshen up your Alter. Using a candle to represent the Sun, and freshly cut flowers from your garden and your own, or locally grown produce. Honor the Gods and Godesses, the power and energy of the Sun, the source of Fire and Light.

There are lots of deities that represent the sun:

Apollo - the God of the Sun and Healing
Ra - the Egyptian Sun God
Sulis Minerva - The Sun Goddess
Juno - Named from the month June, Brings women menstruation, allowing fertility and is the patron of Marriage. 

Wear a garland of flowers, make your own, be sure to include St Johns Wort for protection!

Dance around a bonfire, sing, be merry, have a ritual or just be thankful to the Sun...either way, have a blessed, happy, fun and safe Summer Solstice!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Silver Jewellery representing Pagan Paths

Why Silver?

Silver represents the moon and the Goddess,so it's easy to see why using symbolic silver jewellery appeals to us pagans.  Whether it is to have protection, to keep grounded, enhance your energies and intuitions, feel closer to your Goddess, God or Deity or simply as a show of faith in your path. Silver invokes feminine energies, enhances learning, brings balance and harmony. 


Symbols are an important part of most religions, but none more so than in Pagan Paths. 


The pentagram has reportedly been found in use as far back as 3500bc in the times of Uruk, in Ur of the Chaldees in Ancient Mesopotamia. It is one of the most used and historic symbols we have discovered and many cultures have used the symbol with slightly different meanings. I have to say, on a personal note i love this symbol. For me it represents complete unity, strength, and wholeness. Used by many paths including Witchcraft, Wicca, and Druidism. Its five points usually represent Spirit, Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Triple Moon

The Triple Moon, symbolizes the waxing, full and waning moon and the Maiden, the Mother and Crone. Its a feminine symbol, associated mainly with Wicca.


The Ankh is a neo- paganism symbol that in used Egyptian Paths.The Ankh symbolizes Eternal Life. It represents the God, Goddess and the Scroll of Life

The Horned God

The Horned God is a Wiccan symbol and represents the Male deity in the paths duo theistic theological system, with the Triple Goddess representing the Female deity. Associated with nature, sexuality and the life cycle.  

My Sterling Silver Pagan Jewellery Range

Some of my Personal favorites

Silver Pentagram Bracelet
Silver Pentagram charm Bracelet Hare

Book of Shadows Silver Charm

Silver Triple Pentagram Bangle

                  My jewellery is all solid 925 sterling silver . High quality, unusual pieces that will last an age. 

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Blessed Be


Friday, 14 March 2014

The Worm / Chaste Moon 16th March 2014

The Worm Moon

Often called the Chaste Moon, Symbolic of the Goddess returning in all her maiden glory. March is a time of purity and new growth on the earth. The beginning of Spring; representing youth, childhood and innocence, before summer blooms and grows into maturity. It holds some irony, as it is shortly before Ostara, which in contrast is a time of fertility with some paths undertaking fertility rituals.

This is an excellent time to set goals, plan rituals, decide what is ready to come out of hibernation. The full worm moon is about new beginnings, finding balance and breaking illusions.

About the worm moon.
In March, as the temperature begins to rise, and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appearing, heralding the return of the robins. For this reason this moon is often known as the Worm Moon. Northern/ Native American tribes know it as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of the crows signaled the end of winter, or the Full Crust Moon as the snow became crusty as it thawed by day and froze at night. The Full Sap Moon, referring to the time of tapping maple trees is also used. Its considered the last Full Moon of winter. Its also know as, lenten moon, death moon, sugar moon, fish moon, windy moon, plough moon, seed moon and storm moon.

Celebrating the Worm Moon

On the night of the Worm moon, select some symbolic seeds of the personal seeds you would like to grow. They could be seeds of patience, courage, wisdom, understanding. You can plant these seeds by meditation, by your own will and visualization or with a physical ritual using a bulb for you to nurture through the coming months. However you sow your seeds, repeat this simple incantation:

'Plant, sow, energize and grow
This is my wish ( speak you wish)
Goddess Moon, make it so'

More idea's

  • Decorate an alter to the Goddess, Moon or your Deity
  • prepare your garden for sowing
  • bless your garden under the full moon and ask for a healthy and abundant garden
  • prepare yourself for change
  • healing - imagine sap flowing trough your body healing, repairing and bringing energy
  • write in a journal, stating your hopes and dreams 

The energy of the full moon can be an effective in the process of letting go. This could be physical, spiritual or emotional. Clean your house, get rid of unwanted things to charity. If you have emotional baggage to release, write it down on paper. Ask for it to be taken from you and burn the paper!

  • Colour; greens, red, violet, yellow and purple
  • Stones; Aquamarine and bloodstone
  • Elements; Water
  • Totem Animal; boar, sea eagle, hedgehog, cougar
  • Scents; honeysuckle, apple blossom
  • Flowers; Jonquil, daffodil and violet

Bright Blessing on this Worm Moon : )

                                                      Sources, Farmers almanac, and My Brain!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Psychic Meditation - An Unexpected Experience


Having meditated for a number of years I have become settled in my routine and journey to my happy place, using crystals to enhance my mediation session and balance my Chakras.

Historically, if the question was asked, i would explain  that my reasons for meditating would only be for my general sense of well being. 

An Unexpected Experience

I have since experienced an evening of what I would describe as Psychic Meditation. 

Having been asked to join two friends that work with Spirit for an evening of mediation, and to bring along my crystals to enhance the session. I believe I was as intrigued to meditate as part of a circle, as they were curious to discover what differences my crystals would bring. 

After the three of us formed a circle, surrounded by my cleansed and charged crystals, we began our meditation. I quickly realized the experience was not what i had been expected. I fell almost instantly into deep meditation, and my usual path, to my safe, happy place was nowhere to be seen! 

After seeing the new world evolving in front of me, i had the distinct feeling I was experiencing this through the eyes of an animal. I found myself running deep within in a forest, being flanked by Native Indians. 

Native Indians have never been a subject I've been drawn to, so after the meditation ended i felt a bit bemused! My only possible explanation is the White Sage smudge stick I had brought with me, which was originally a Native American ritual tool, had some effect.

My first realisation after the mediation had ended, was how strong the experience had been, far outweighing anything I had accomplished previously. I became acutely aware of how strong my Aura / energy field felt. I was able to feel my energy initially with my hands almost a foot apart!

My friends then zoned in on Spirit and opened themselves up. At this point, although I felt safe within our circle, I felt the shift in the atmosphere outside of our crystal circle. My outside shoulder felt chilly, and my senses were completely heightened to the surroundings. 

Our experiences that evening far surpassed what I expected. The combination of the Power Of Three, the use of Crystals and the energy flowing between us opened up to a direct link with spirit, a incredibly accurate reading, with even myself having a visual experience, and a powerful intuition, seeming to know things that were far more than an educated guesses.

I have long believed that most have a Psychic ability, an intuition that in the right circumstances can be tapped into. I feel even more resolute in this theory now. 

I can't wait for the next meditation evening, and what it will bring. 

If you want to have a go at meditating i found an article!
How to meditate - a basic guide

Bright Blessings


I'm new to blogging - so please be kind!

Psychic Protection Crystal Set

Friday, 7 March 2014

You call it Easter, We call it Ostara

I found this fabulous article talking about the history of 'Easter' and its pagan roots. Its a few years old now, but well written and gives a lovely explanation of Ostara and Spring Equinox.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Willows Broom idea is born

So, my mum buys me a beautiful sterling silver pentagram bracelet with a stunning hare charm for Christmas and my good friend brought me a mini broom stick. 


Then i lose my bracelet in Birmingham. I frantically call around every place we visited that day, with no luck. My beautiful bracelet has gone forever. But of out something negative, something very positive is born.

I start looking on the internet to replace it, and start looking through Pagan, Wiccan, Spiritual websites for my bracelet. What strikes me is how so many websites are out of stock, unloved, neglected sites.  Also, that the sites sold either incense, really dark occult products, or just jewellery. 

So, whilst swimming one afternoon with my mum, ( all the best ideas happen in water for me- i am a picses) i decided i wanted to build a web shop. I wanted to sell really nice, sterling silver jewellery with Pagan influences. I want to sell all the things i use, that i normally source form ebay, that comes battered in the post, sometimes smelling of tobacco smoke, if it comes at all. 

So, to add to my jewellery range, i want to sell; incenses, beautiful candle holders, spell candles, herbs, smudge sticks, crystals, stunning carved wooden boxes to keep herbs, trinkets, and dowsing pendulums .
A one stop shop for all things spiritual and pagan. 

But, as a genuine lover of all such things,  sourced ethically where possible. I refuse to sell dream catchers, purchased in bulk from India or China for pennies, when i myself have made dream catchers for years, and understand the time taken, with bare hands to craft such a thing. And, whist making i have made the dream catchers, crafted them  with love, weaving positive vibes to really benefit the home it will live in.

Willows Broom Closet

I will make my website resourceful, and my products will come with guides, such as how to smudge your home or yourself! 
I will make products myself where possible, and will look to others that create there own wares to sell or buy from traceable sources. I will understand what i sell, so i can advise others. I will not sell dark products that will be used for harm, but promote goodness and light. I will bless my products and cleanse my crystals and run Willows Broom Closet with love and light. 

Now, i've just got the small task of building a website!

Wish me luck : )

Blessed be,